Oversized Roll Up Door Installed

oversized rollup door buford


The old door on this warehouse bay had seen better days – like before it had been hit by a truck! Commercial doors are built to stand up to heavy duty wear and tear, but they are in a prime position for damage from trucks  and forklifts loading and un-loading. It’s a common scenario that we’re familiar with, and it’s one that can create a potentially dangerous situation, especially with larger, and heavier, doors like this one.

This oversized roll up door installed in Buford, GA replaces the one that had seen better days.  Damage from the impact to the opening’s header was addressed, as well, with a new header installed to accommodate the new door.

We service and install many types of commercial overhead doors in Buford and the Atlanta area, including rollup doors like this one. Contact us online or at 678-714-7393 for more information.