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Based in Buford, GA, and providing service to the metro Atlanta, GA area,

 Curb Appeal Contracting Solutions, Inc.

 makes it possible to keep one magnet on your refrigerator for all your home maintenance needs.

We are a full-service home repair contractor specializing in home remodeling and carpenter services to keep your home feeling comfortable and looking its best.

From projects such as bathroom remodels and carport enclosures, to carpentry and home repairs like windows, doors, and painting, our work can be found in neighborhoods all around the Atlanta, GA area.

 Please contact us at 678-714-7393, or take a look at our services for more about how we can help with your home's unique needs.

What We Do
We appreciate every opportunity to work with our clients.
Bathroom remodels and updates
Complete bathroom overhauls
Vanities and fixtures
Tiled showers
Toilets, sinks, shower valves
Water heaters
Interior repairs
Basement finishing and remodels
Closet storage systems
Carpet, tile, hardwood flooring
Attic insulation, attic doors
Trim work and focal walls
Exterior carpentry, fascia/soffit
Windows, doors, garage doors
Custom garage doors
Siding, awnings, porches
Garage remodels & carports
Decks, gutters, fencing

Our Work

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Contact Us

Curb Appeal Contracting Solutions, Inc.
Sugar Hill, Ga -- Serving the Atlanta, GA area.
(678) 714-7393
Reach out for more on how a little Curb Appeal can help your home. Ask questions and tell us your ideas. We've got solutions!
"I am very pleased with the new enclosed carport built by Curb Appeal."
LYNNE --Buford, GA
"Very professional, using the best materials and workmanship."

JEAN --Sugar Hill, GA

"The bathroom was completed on time with no inconvenience to me."

MARIA -- Suwanee, GA

"Paul built a deck and staircase for my house. Highly recommended!"

THOMAS --Marietta, GA

"Received an accurate quote and professional results in our new kitchen island."

ANNA -- Decatur, GA

"Knowledgeable and able to put a smaller budget to work for impressive results."

CHRIS -- Dunwoody, GA

Since 2004

The story of Curb Appeal Contracting Solutions, Inc. is a familiar one to many people. Co-founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Paul and Emily Siliwon, Curb Appeal has been busy providing dependable service for the Sugar Hill, GA area and the metro Atlanta, GA area for over 17 years.

With roots in the garage door service industry, Paul began installing and repairing garage doors in 1999. Working for other garage door companies early on made it painfully obvious that Atlanta had a large demand for garage door repairs, but a less than optimal supply of customer service among the nationally competing brands in our local market. With Emily at the helm driving positive customer experience and Paul’s impressive troubleshooting and mechanical skills, a small repair company saw the light of day.

Competing against the big guys isn’t easy for a new business with a small advertising budget. Before long, it became obvious that in order to maintain growth and stay competitive, they would have to think outside the box. While Paul was building custom garage doors by this time, Emily took to the internet to show off Curb Appeal’s portfolio. A perfect pairing, Paul’s eye-catching work and Emily’s enthusiasm for WordPress and content creation became the trendsetter, with competitors copying Curb Appeal to play catch up. As Curb Appeal's portfolio of completed projects grew, it gradually became more than “just” a garage door company. Clients were spreading the word!

From the Owners

While much has changed, and we’ve seen competitors pop up and fade away, we’ve managed to stand the test of time. Lucky for us, people really like it when you do good work at a reasonable price! Thank you to all of you for your kind referrals and glowing reviews! With your support, we’re now a full-service home improvement company with some of the most interesting and unique experiences in the business. We appreciate every opportunity to work with you!

Our clients know our family-owned business stands by our work year after year. We are humbled by the loyalty we’ve received from so many of our clients. You know who you are! You're all special people that we’ve grown to know and love over the years! Thank you for your continued support all through the years. Any of your hard-earned money paid to Curb Appeal goes not only towards supporting a local business but also to our families’ livelihoods. Thank you!

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