This new steel garage door with decorative hardware has been installed in Tucker, GA. Model 5283 from CHI is a stamped steel carriage house design, with insulation and steel on both sides of the door. With a tested R-value of 9.65, it's a garage door that not only looks great, but will help keep the garage feeling great, too. Having an insulated garage door in metro Atlanta will keep your garage much warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Garage Door Install in Tucker, Ga

The 5283 also comes with the option to add on an Appearance and Endurance Package from CHI. Instead of galvanized hardware for tracks, hinges and rollers, a white powder coating is available. It comes on all the hardware,  provides a nice, finished look on the inside of the garage door.

CHI Appearance and Endurance Package

Accents Woodtones are also available on this model, and come in 4 natural wood tones: cedar, mahogany, dark oak and light oak.

CHI Wood Accents

Other garage doors similar to this one include:

New Garage Door Installation In Alpharetta, GA

This new garage door installed in Alpharetta has a beaded board effect inside the panels, and external decorative hardware.

White Classica Doors with Glazed Arched Top

White Classica Doors with Glazed Arched Top

Classica garage door in Tuscany with closed arched tops. Marietta, GA

Classica garage door in Tuscany with closed arched tops.

Check out our gallery and services pages for more Curb Appeal!

garage door install in alpharetta

This custom steel carriage door is installed in Alpharetta, GA

Just installed in Alpharetta, Ga, this insulated steel door has been outfitted with a poly batten overlay in a carriage house design. Decorative hardware like the straps and hinges pictured above add just the right detail.

This technique is very versatile, allowing freedom of panel design that can be customized to suit any requirements. Other doors similar to the ones pictured above include:

These long and lean garage doors have a custom overlay to give them a more finished look that blends well with the exterior.

Carriage Overlay Garage Doors Installed In Duluth, GA

These carriage doors are made from steel panels with a vinyl overlay.

Completely faced in a real wood overlay, these Clopay Reserve garage doors feature the beauty of real wood with the low maintenance of steel garage doors.

Clopay Reserve Collection Wood Garage Doors Installed In Atlanta

Clopay Reserve is a beautiful line of carriage house garage doors

These doors have also been made using an overlay technique.

Custom made, carriage style garage doors with glass installed in Cumming, GA

These custom carriage doors were painted and styled to match the home.

Looking for more garage door photos? Don't forget to check out our gallery page for more carriage style garage doors, tradtional steel and other home improvement projects

CHI Steel Garage Door In Gray

CHI Steel Garage Door In Gray

CHI offers steel garage doors in a gray color. This example of a gray garage door from CHI also has a glass panel with Newport decorative windows. Several models are available with options similar to the garage door pictured above, such as 2250, 2251 and 2240, 2241. This type of garage door is also available in a insulated, double sided steel garage door model 2283.

For more information on our Atlanta, GA area garage door installation and repair services, contact us online, or at 678-714-7393. We install garage doors such as the steel garage door pictured above, and other types of garage doors, including wood, carriage style, and custom garage doors.

CHI 4251 Long Panel Garage Door

CHI's model 4251 long panel garage door.

CHI's 4251 features a long style panel and the quality of construction expected from CHI garage doors. This long panel style garage door is constructed from 25 gauge steel and insulated with 1-3/8'' polystyrene, offering a 7.94 R-value. Designer windows, and decorative inserts are available on this model, as well as 5 color choices. This popular model is a great value and also comes in an non-insulated and a short panel design, as well as the long panel style pictured.

We also install other types of garage doors including other long panel garage doors, steel, wood and custom garage doors.

For more information on our garage door services in the metro Atlanta, GA area, call us at 678-714-7393, or contact us online.

Garage Door Service and RepairSpring is here, and everyone is ready to spruce up their home. Atlanta can be a difficult place for allergy sufferers to tackle large outdoor projects this time of year. Many home owners use this as a great time to catch up on some indoor spring cleaning. We're all accustomed to hearing about checking the batteries in our smoke detectors to make sure our homes and families are protected, but did you know that most manufacturers recommend checking for safe operation of your garage door and opener once a month? Read on a for an general overview of the recommended monthly safety checks for your garage door.

1. Springs, Rollers, Cables, and Tracks

Visually inspect the springs, rollers, cables and tracks for any sign of wear or damage. Cables should appear taut and with no fraying. Springs should be one continuous coil with no breaks or gaps. All rollers should be able to travel freely inside the tracks. Tracks should be free of any obstructions. Springs and cables are under extreme pressure, as they take most of the weight of the door. Only a professional should attempt cable or spring repair or replacement.

2. Lubrication

This step is the easiest way to keep your garage door running smoothly and quietly. We recommend using a spray lubricant on all moving parts of your door, avoiding any plastic parts. Manufacturer recommendations can vary, and most garage door manuals will offer specific guideline for your garage door or opener.

3. Garage Door Balance

Garage doors can be quite hefty, with some tipping the scales at hundreds of pounds. All garage doors have a spring system to counter-balance that weight and make it functional. To check for proper balance, start with the garage door in the closed position. Disengage the opener by pulling the emergency release. You should then be able to easily lift your garage door. If it's difficult or heavy to lift, your garage door opener could be receiving unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend scheduling a service call as soon as it's convenient if yours feels heavy.

Always consult your owner's manual for your garage door and opener for manufacturer specific instructions on maintaining your system. Most companies offer online resources for finding the appropriate manual for your model. We also offer service plans and reasonably priced repair and maintenance services. For more information about our garage door services in the metro Atlanta, GA area, please contact us online, or call us at 678-714-7393.

3 Carriage Style Garage Doors

3 Carriage Style Garage Doors

These custom made garage doors are painted and styled to match the home. They are insulated, wooden doors.
We also install other types of garage doors.

This carriage style door is constructed using a flush garage door as a solid base for a wood overlay. Using this technique, the design possibilities are endless. Your choice of paint or finishing technique and decorative hardware can combine to make something truly unique to your home.

Custom carriage style garage door. Painted to match exterior of the home.

Custom carriage style garage door. Painted to match exterior of the home.

We also build composite material garage doors like this one using steel garage doors, and poly and vinyl overlays to achieve the carriage style door appearance. Check out our Gallery for more photos of our garage door installations in Buford and the metro Atlanta area.

White Classica Doors with Glazed Arched Top

White Classica Doors with Glazed Arched Top

These are garage doors from the Amarr Classica line. Many other styles are available. The garage doors pictured above feature an arched top with decorative inserts.


Classica model garage doors are constructed of a stamped steel to give the appearance of a carriage style garage door. There are a multitude of different panel designs giving you control over the finished look. Classica garage doors are an economical choice for achieving the visual style of a carriage house garage door while keeping the price down, and lowering maintenance costs.

accents faux wood finish garage doors

garage door install in alpharetta

These Classica garage doors by Amarr are made of steel with the look of a wood carriage door. Arched windows with decorative inserts complement the style of the home and add personality. These types of steel carriage doors are known for their sturdiness and longevity. They don't require the maintenance of a wood door, but they add curb appeal in a similar, Classica way.

White Classica Garage Doors With Arched Glazed Tops

White Classica Garage Doors With Arched Glazed Tops

Custom Carriage Garage Door and Decorative Header

Custom Carriage Garage Door and Decorative Header

Custom Carriage Garage Door and Decorative Header.

This wood, carriage style garage door has been custom made, installed and ready to be stained. This is a good example of what a wood garage door looks like before the finish and/or stain is applied.

We also have other photos of doors like the one above, as well as a few other of our home improvement projects in our Gallery, or find out more about our Services in the Marietta and metro Atlanta area.

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