March 10, 2015

How To Program A LiftMaster/Chamberlain Remote Using The Learn Button

There are a variety of scenarios where you may need to program a LiftMaster or Chamberlain remote, but chances are you won't have to do it very often. If you're moving into a new home, the remote's battery needs changing, you've lost a remote, or maybe you just need a new PIN for the keypad, it's easily accomplished. We recommend reading all of the following instructions before deciding what's best for your situation.

The basics for programming a remote:

1. Locate the learn button on the back of the garage door opener

2. Press and RELEASE the learn button, then press and HOLD the button on the remote. You'll see the lights blink, or hear two clicks to let you know everything's done.

Choose Your Method

The most common way to program a LiftMaster garage door remote is to use the "learn" button located on the opener itself. Since this will require a ladder for most people to reach, there are alternatives that may be available on your model opener. Typically using the wall button/control panel, a sequence of keypresses are made to do the programming. Consult the manual for your specific model opener to learn more about the different ways that are available to program the remotes and keypads.

Program Using The Learn Button

Just like the basic instructions above, this is the most common and simple way to program a remote. Almost all openers have one, no matter what brand or model, and they all use the same basic approach. This technique is a good option if you want to re-program all the remotes and keypads.

If you want to re-program just a single remote:

1. Press and release the Learn button

2. Press and hold the button on the remote. The lights will blink to let you know the remote has been reprogrammed, and you'll then be able to test the remote to make sure it's working.

If you need to clear out and reprogram all the remotes and keypads:

1. Press and HOLD the Learn button until the LED indicator goes out. All the remotes and keypads are now erased, and will each need reprogramming if you want to use them

2. For each remote and keypad, you'll need to press and RELEASE the Learn button, then press and hold the remote's button. For keypads, you'll enter your 4 digit PIN, and hold the enter button.

To erase all devices (remotes, keypads, and MyQ devices):

1. Press and HOLD the Learn button until the LED indicator goes out.

2. Immediately press and HOLD the Learn button again, until the LED goes out. Now everything is erased, and will need to be reprogrammed in order to use them again.

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