Folding Gates, Security Gates

We offer repair and installation for folding gates, storefront security gates, and more, all in our metro Atlanta, GA service area.

Repairs and Installation for Folding Gates, Storefront Security Gates, and More

Choose from a range of options including pull down gates or accordion style folding gates that pull out horizontally.
  • Folding gates
  • Portable gates
  • Scissor gates
  • Wire mesh partitions, window guards
  • Rolling grilles
Security gates like the ones below are often found in retail locations like storefronts inside the mall, or installed inside or just outside a glass storefront.

We offer access solutions for interior spaces, too. Control access with barriers and safety gates.

Roll up security doors offer even more protection.

Protect Storefronts, Control Access

Partition customer facing areas, and secure valuable products after hours. These versatile gate products offer important features and benefits for a variety of security and safety applications in shopfront and commercial locations.
Protect glass storefronts and shopfronts in gas stations, shopping centers, etc.
Secure access to storefronts inside shopping malls and other indoor shopping areas.
Easy to use, even with just one person.
No reduced visibility - see into secured spaces.
No restriction of airflow - perfect for securing spaces in large areas like warehouses, loading dock spaces.
Portable gates roll away for storage.
Control traffic - require visitors to follow a specific path.
Limit access to possibly hazardous areas such as spaces with machinery.
Mesh window guards prevent access from the outside.
Wire mesh partitions allow for permanent fixtures with pedestrian gates for access.


We offer repairs for most brands and models of folding gates and scissor gates.

We also retrofit your folding gate or security gate with keylocks
to allow for easy access and egress.

As they are typically used for security purposes, we understand how important it is for your folding gate to function properly. We offer same day repairs, when available.


We install multiple brands and models of folding gates, mesh partitions, security gates, and more.

Top and bottom track retail security gates, pair and single dock door security gates, and scissor gates are all available for installation in the metro Atlanta, GA area.

Contact us online, or at 678-714-7393 for pricing and availability.

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