Garage Door Installation

We install new garage doors in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. If you're in the process of replacing your old garage door, or installing a new one, please contact us  for more personalized information.

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Frequently asked questions about garage door installs

Q: Will you dispose of our old door?

A. We take pride in what we do, and want everything looking great when we're done. We dispose of the old garage door when we replace it, and we take care of all the packaging from the new one, too.

Q. What kind of warranty do new garage doors come with?

A. Warranties on the garage doors themselves typically range from one year to lifetime warranties, depending on the model. Most higher end doors will have the longer warranties. We guarantee our labor for installing the garage door for one year. We have a less than 1% call back rate on our work, under warranty or otherwise.

Q. I have two garage doors, but only one is broken. Can you match my old one when we have a new garage door installed?

A. While there are a surprising number of differences in even the most standard garage door styles, yes. Sometimes we can match them with the same model and color, or at least find a very close match. Generally, the older the door, the more difficult it will be to match.

Q. I have a garage door opener that works fine. Can you attach it to the new garage door?

A. Yes, we always attach the old opener to the new door, and make sure things are running smoothly before we leave the job.

Q. I've got my eye on a particular door. How much is a door like that?

A. This is best answered on a case by case basis because of the differences in door sizes and models. Please contact us online or by phone for more information on pricing and availability.
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