March 7, 2014

Garage Door Openers

We repair and install all types of garage door openers across our metro Atlanta service area. Our garage door opener services include:

Garage Door Opener Repair

We offer all types of garage door opener repairs for all brands of garage door openers. Stripped gears, trolleys, safety eyes and other garage door opener problems can be repaired the same day in most cases.

Garage Door Opener Installation

We are proud to feature LiftMaster brand openers from Chamberlain for installation. We have a less than 1% call back rate, and using LiftMaster garage door openers helps make that possible. Ask any garage door technician, and they'll tell you LiftMaster's the way to go. We can also install openers that you've already purchased.

Frequent Asked Questions

Some questions we hear from our customers are:

Q: How much does a garage door opener cost to have installed?

A: Pricing for garage door openers with installation starts at $325 for a 1/2 hp opener.

Q: How much will it cost to have my garage door opener repaired?

A: Our repair prices start at $85. Many times, if there are multiple components involved, and/or it's an old opener, it's more economical to replace it.

Q: My door won't go down unless I hold the button. What's going on?

A: That could be a couple different issues, but most likely it's the safety eyes at the bottom of the door. They need to be pointed right at each other, and can get bumped into, or have debris blocking the lens. We recommend referring to the owner's manual that came with the opener for model specific troubleshooting advice.

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