March 7, 2014

Garage Door Opener Repairs

We offer garage door opener repair across the metro Atlanta area. Please contact us at 678-714-7393 for scheduling, pricing, and other information on having your garage door opener repaired or on our other services.

Garage door openers can last for around ten years. There are a few components that are usually to blame for an opener not working.


Some openers have a plastic gear in their design that can strip out over time, or with misuse. These are usually found on chain driven openers. Not having proper tension on the garage door's springs, and correct sensitivity settings on the opener can cause gears to strip out. Normal wear and tear also plays a big role in this type of problem. Sometimes you can tell the gears are stripped. You'll hear the grinding noise from inside the opener, and sometimes the door won't go up.

Opener Trolley

Some screw driven openers are prone to having the threads on the opener's trolley wear down over time, or with misuse. Not having proper tension on the springs, and not having the opener's settings adjusted correctly can contribute to the trolley wearing out. This can cause the garage door to not travel as smoothly, or not go up and down at all. This can be a noisy malfunction, too. You may hear the worn out threads slipping and grinding when the opener is running.

Circuit Boards

This one can be tricky. Most openers don't have a problem with a circuit board unless there's been surge back damage. The bad news is, depending on the severity of the surge, it can affect other components like the safety sensors, wall button, limit switches, and anything else attached to the board. Damage to other parts of the opener may not be apparent until after the new board is installed. Sometimes it's best to consider replacing the whole unit, but we do offer this type of repair on a case by case basis.

Some questions we hear often about our garage door opener repair services are:

Q. My door won't go up. What's going on?

A. This could be a few different issues, either with the opener or garage door. Sometimes it's possible to pull the manual release cord on the opener, and lift the door by hand. If the door's operating normally, and it isn't heavy to lift, it's more than likely a problem with the opener or the opener's settings.

Q. My door won't go down What's going on?

A. The two most likely culprits in this situation are the safety eyes, and sensitivity settings on the opener. Objects and debris can block the safety eyes at the base of the door and they can be knocked out of alignment. Sensitivity settings can need adjusting over time in order to still function correctly. We always recommend consulting the owners manual that came with the opener under these circumstances for specific advise on troubleshooting and maintaining the garage door opener. There are many manuals available online. You can usually find them by searching for the brand and model number.

Q. How much do garage door opener repairs cost?

A. Our repair prices start at $85, and our garage door opener installations start at $325.

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