March 4, 2014

New Garage Door Sections

Replacement Garage Door Panels

Do you have a damaged garage door panel that needs to be replaced? There are many different garage doors out there, and determining what type of panel you'll need for repairs can sometimes be tricky. Call us at 678-714-7393 or contact us online, and we'll help you find the right replacement garage door section to get your door rolling again.

There are many different models of garage doors available today, and even more models have come and gone through the years. There is a possibility there won't be an exact match around anymore. Some common types of garage door panels are wood sections, and raised panel steel sections.

Wood Garage Door Sections

While not actually all wood, these would be what most people would refer to as a "wood garage door".

While not actually all wood, these would be what most people would refer to as a "wood garage door".

The doors pictured above are the number one culprit for panels that have to be replaced. The bottom rails on the bottom section are known to suffer from water and insect damage.  Many of these doors are 15 years or older, they've been installed nationwide for decades and there are many of them out there. You can get replacement sections for these doors. Keep in mind though, that they will need to be painted, and that can push costs up a bit. Many new wood panels only have a light primer coat from the manufacturer.

Steel Garage Door Sections

new steel garage door sections

We replace panels like the ones on this steel garage door.

We can't point fingers at wood garage doors and their problems with rot and insects without mentioning their steel counterparts. Steel garage doors wind up with their panels damaged, too. Their downfall is once there is a bend or crease in the steel of the section, it just gets worse.  Fasteners on stiles can fail, pulling away from the section. Dings and dents are almost inevitable over the course of a door's lifetime. The good news is that most of them can be replaced. Ensuring the correct model and color is key in making a seamless repair. There are numerous minor and major differences in different models, with different wood grains, raised panel designs, etc.

Specialty Types

There are certainly doors that fall outside of your basic raised panel steel or wood doors. Carriage style doors, for example,  have become very popular over the last few years. These types of doors can pose more of a challenge trying to match a new panel to an existing door.

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