March 4, 2014

Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Spring Repair

We replace all types of springs for garage doors. Contact us online, or at 678-714-7393 for a quote, or for scheduling information.

We proudly stand behind the warranties we place on all of our garage door spring repairs.

Most springs are engineered for about 10,000 cycles, in other words, they last around 7 years, give or take. The lifetime of a garage door's springs can be shortened with frequent opening and closing. There are 2 main types of spring counterbalance systems commonly found in residential garage doors, in addition to a few other specialty types.

Torsion Springs

Most two car garage doors will have two torsion springs located above the door, attached to the wall by a  torsion tube and center bearing plate. Usually it's just one spring that breaks, and it can be quite loud. Looking at the springs, most likely you'll be able to spot the separation in the coils when one has broken.  Unless you hear it break, it's not uncommon for a broken spring to go unnoticed until the garage door refuses to go up. Operating the garage door with a broken spring can cause damage to other components, especially the top section and garage door opener. Often, even when only one spring is broken, we recommend replacing both springs.

Extension Springs

These types of springs are most commonly found on single car garage doors. They run almost parallel to the two top pieces of tracks close to the ceiling. While these springs can have breaks in the coils, it's common for them to just weaken to the point that they're not really pulling their weight, so to speak. These springs are meant to balance out the weight of the door, and when they're not working properly, can cause multiple issues for the garage door and opener. If you see breaks or many gaps in the spring's coils, it's probably time for some maintenance. Replacing the extension springs on an older garage door is also good time to make sure the safety features are up to date by adding safety cables to the springs.

Enclosed Spring Systems

Some garage doors, such as doors with a TorqueMaster, don't have exposed spring systems. Most likely the whole spring unit will need replacing. Since the springs are hidden from view, it may not be immediately noticeable that spring is broken. You may notice the cables as being loose or that the door seems very heavy. Replacement with the correct product , or proper conversion to a more universal counterbalance system is important to the safe functioning of the garage door and opener as a whole.

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