Carport Enclosures in Metro Atlanta, GA

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 we've converted to garages.
  • damaged carport before photo

    Carport restoration and enclosure -- Buford, GA

    Storm damage had taken its toll on this Buford home's carport. Portions of the roof and side of the carport were completely destroyed by a tree that fell.
    after photo of carport enclosure-rear

    Rear facing after restoration and enclosure.

    After structural repairs to the roof and wall, the existing carport was enclosed on the back and sides. New windows and doors allow light in and access.
    after photo of carport that was damaged and converted

    New garage door after carport enclosure.

    After all repairs, the garage door and opener were installed, providing secure parking and storage that is out of the elements!
  • carport with 3 brick walls before framing in for garage door installation


    This brick ranch already had a carport with back and side walls.

    In situations like this, most of the work is already done, and only some framing is needed to install a garage door and opener.

    carport after converting to an enclosed garage


    Framing was added to the opening to accommodate a garage door installation.

    Adding a back door for access from inside the new garage to the backyard is often a good idea, too.

  • marietta, ga carport enclosure with new garage door

    Carport Enclosure with Amarr Garage Door - Lawrenceville, Ga

    This house originally had an attached carport that was enclosed. A steel garage door with windows and decorative inserts adds immediate value, security, and convenience to any home. Many homes here in metro Atlanta have had a similar remodel.
    Covered parking area before garage remodel


    This home had an existing covered parking structure. Plans to demo and improve with a new enclosed garage were made.

    Some of the structure in the rear was re-purposed, adding extra storage space efficiently.
    New detached garage built in Flowery Branch, GA


    With the old covered parking area removed, the original structure has been expanded and improved into a detached garage with plenty of storage.

    This more extensive project is a great example of what a valuable investment a garage is.

Carport Enclosures and Conversions

We'll work with your home's exterior to ensure any new materials blend perfectly. Adding a new garage door can provide a face lift for the home, and we can help you find the right one for your home and budget. Not only can converting your carport and adding a garage door change the way your house looks, it can add convenience, value and security.
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Top 5 Things To Consider When Converting A Carport to an Enclosed Garage

Converting a carport to an enclosed garage can be a sizable investment for your home, adding security and comfort. Having a car that's not frosted over to climb into during cold winter mornings is easy to take for granted. Hopping into your 75° car on a 95° day during the summer is pretty nice, too! While each carport is unique in some respects, in that there may be a varying degree of "walls" present, some have may another structure like a utility room in the rear, there are a few key points that you may want to consider when converting your carport to an enclosed garage.

Existing Structure of the Carport Before Converting to a Garage

First and foremost in everyone's mind is the construction of the existing carport or covered parking area. What's the rough size of the area to be included in the enclosure project? More square feet means a larger project.

carport with 3 brick walls before framing in for garage door installationcarport after converting to an enclosed garage
Are there any walls or parts of the home that form an already partially enclosed carport? In some cases, there is already a back and side wall, so all that's needed is some framing in of the opening to accommodate a garage door installation. Some need three, or even all four walls framed in.
Covered parking area before garage remodelNew detached garage built in Flowery Branch, GA

Will the Converted Garage Match the House?

Matching the new structure on the enclosed carport with the exterior is, understandably, a big concern. By choosing the right materials to fit in with the existing exterior detail, we blur the lines between what once was and what's now new! New color-matched paint on new siding and trim make the new garage look as though it's been there all along.

Brick homes can certainly undergo the same process of matching materials by sourcing the right brick. Bear in mind, there may be slight differences in appearance between brand new bricks when alongside the bricks on a 60-year-old home. Many times, when working with a brick home, we'll draw from the appearance of the trim and painted elements for any new structure, blending in without breaking the bank on the higher cost of using brick.
carport converted to enclosed garage

What about my front door after converting the carport to an enclosed garage?

Many homes in the Atlanta metro have a ranch style layout that includes a front porch leading from the carport. Here's a concern we've heard many times: will enclosing the carport cut off access to the front porch from the carport? If the ability to walk freely from the car parked snugly in the garage to the front door is a must, you may want to consider ways to incorporate an entry door to accommodate that foot traffic into the design. Otherwise, you'll need to make adjustments to the layout of the enclosure project, keeping your family going with the flow! It's worth keeping in mind that most garages just have access through the side door.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the top items found on everyone's carport enclosure wish list. Converting the carport to a garage is the perfect time to add a back door, providing access to the backyard. Enclosing an area the size of a carport throws some definite shade! Sometimes it's enough to make a pronounced difference in the amount of light entering the house. You may find the interior of your home is somewhat darker, especially if there are windows present on the carport.

New windows can help restore some of the light lost from converting to an enclosed garage. A sunny window in a garage is a perfect place for outdoor potted plants weathering the cold winter months.
new windows in a former carport that's been converted to an enclosed garage

Garage Doors and Openers

Since you're enclosing the carport and installing a garage door, you'll want it to also go up at the push of a button. Does the carport have an electrical outlet in the ceiling for the garage door opener? Adding this additional outlet is very common since most carports don't have one. Moving the overhead light fixture is sometimes necessary to install the garage door opener. They tend to be right where the motor attaches to the ceiling.

after photo of carport that was damaged and converted
Choosing a garage door can be a bit of an adventure, depending on your tastes. A wide variety of materials and designs are available, including custom garage doors. Traditional steel and newer steel garage doors with a carriage house inspired design are popular and can be an economical choice. Easily achieve a unique appearance with custom trim work on energy efficient steel garage doors. We also build true swing out carriage doors for garages.

Photos of carports converted to garages

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