March 30, 2021

When Converting a Carport to a Garage is a Win-Win

With one of the densest urban tree canopies in the nation, stormy weather around Atlanta, GA presents a big problem.

Scenes like this are common after a night of severe weather:

A tarp covers the remains of a carport destroyed by a falling tree.

Part of that same dense tree canopy completely took out the side of the carport when a tree fell during a storm. Luckily, no one was harmed, even though most people would say it hurts to see your house crushed by a tree!

Understandably, it tends to make people eager to put their house in order again. Building back is usually the number one priority.

But what if you could make it better while you're at it?

Instead of building a brand new 1960s style carport, the homeowners decided to make lemonade after life gave them lemons. It made sense to convert what remained of the carport into a garage.

Converting a carport into a garage is always a big upgrade, even if your carport is in one piece when the time comes.

Converting a Carport to a Garage

Repairs began to address the damage from the tree and the lack of an enclosed parking area. Brick can be expensive and hard to match up. As an alternative, new wood siding covers the converted carport's sides and back.

Enclosing the carport will predictably make it darker in the garage, but it can darken the inside of the house, too. The new windows on the side and back help let in some light.

Finally, a new garage door completes the conversion from a carport to a garage. With the added convenience of a garage door opener, this family probably won’t miss the old carport very much!

A white garage door installed after converting a carport into a garage.

New and Improved

When part of your house is flattened by a tree, it's probably never going to be exactly the same again. However, maybe that's not a bad thing in the end.

When disaster strikes, it pays off to weigh your options for making things right again. Finding the silver lining isn't always this easy, but in this case, the result is an overall improvement. Converting a carport to a garage like this creates a safe (now that tree is gone!) and convenient place to park.

If you're trying to find the best way to install a garage door on your carport, we can help. You might want to take a look at some things to consider when cooking up carport conversion ideas. Check out a few more carport conversions we've done, or contact us today!

Before and after photos of a storm damaged carport converted to a garage

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